• event listing on eventbrite here where I can track customer data and email attendees directly to get us repeat customers. I’ll be doing customer emails through that site so make sure you subscribe to see what I’m telling customers about you
  • Hand delivered “notices of neighborhood activity” required by city hall for the noise disturbance. I only have to do Yukon street so 10 addresses but I do the blocks all around to about 50 addresses for the free advertising – on May 27
  • event listing on Vancouverisawesome.com here
  • event listing on eventsget.com here
  • musicians self promote & their performance draws people into the plaza. You can also borrow their online audience by taking pictures or video and tagging them on social media during their performance and/or if you’re lucky enough to get a photo of them shopping your booth. This can help you extend your social media reach and provides you with easy content for your social media since an intimate concert at a handmade market is fairly unusual. Hashtags and tagging will make your post show up for anyone searching for the musician which can lead to more followers and customers.
  • event listing on miss604.com here
  • you can do the same with your fellow vendors by the way so keep your eyes open for vendors that compliment your brand. Like candles and bath products, jewellery and fashion, crystals and witchy things, plants and pottery….. etc
  • event listing on dearjulius.com here
  • I design graphics for you to share to promote the event featuring your brand
  • event listing on delta-optimist.com here
  • the facebook lookbook is shared in video format through tiktok and instagram and as series of images on facebook and instagram with your website and product featured ($5 for this service)
  • event listing on jorlio.com here
  • event listing on eventrii.com here
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  • event listing on the georgia straight.com here
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  • event listing on newwestrecord.ca here

Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and non-humans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike.

Wikipedia, omnipotent internet diety

The Helena Gutteridge Plaza is situated by Vancouver City Hall, it used to be the East Building until it was torn down. It’s an open air plaza with a built in Ping Pong table with side walls to protect us from the wind. It is named after an equal rights activist and suffragette Helena Gutteridge and I’m pretty sure we can get up to 60 vendors in the space.

Bring your own tent and table but but for those of you who don’t have a tent or are wanting to share theirs, I’ve created a facebook group for you to find a buddy.