enter 0 here option and type the events you want in the notes please
enter 0 here and type the events you want in the notes please
Vending fees go towards advertising expenses, musician fees, and venue expenses. None of the events have paid for themselves and I pay out of pocket the difference. September Fall Pop Up and October Spooky Pop Up are both outdoors Little Shop & Bop of Horrors is indoors We do not have certification to host produce or homemade food vendors
If you select multiple events, and need equipment for all of them, please say so in the notes
Please include a website, etsy store or social media account so I can see your products and vibe
Expand your reach! Grow your business! Take advantage of my 20 years of sales expertise and pick my brain about merchandising concerns, use our secret shopper program and find out how you can improve in person sales, send our audience to your website,
etransfers can be sent to [email protected] or you can wait until you receive your invoice and pay by credit card
do your products melt with direct sunlight? do you need to be away from the really good music that’s at a reasonable volume?

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