Marketing plan:

1 month paid ad for the facebook event

Neighborhood postering the week of the event

Partnering with nearby community centers for neighborhood engagement

Live music advertising with and

We are hoping to see some good dogs go to some loving homes plus we want to showcase our local pet brands & artists…. and be prepared for dog singing.

Christine, your event coordinator

The Helena Gutteridge Plaza is situated by Vancouver City Hall, it used to be the East Building until it was torn down. It’s an open air plaza with a built in Ping Pong table with side walls to protect us from the wind. It is named after an equal rights activist and suffragette Helena Gutteridge and I’m pretty sure we can get up to 60 vendors in the space.

Bring your own tent and table but but for those of you who don’t have a tent or are wanting to share theirs, I’ve created a facebook group for you to find a buddy.